Board of Directors

Ben Jen | Board of Directors President

Ben is a serial entrepreneur and has been involved in over 18 startups in the capacity of a co-founder/founder, executive, strategist, investor, and mentor.  Ben has a passion to educate student entrepreneurs on what it takes to create a successful business from the ground up. From years of experience, Ben knows the mistakes startups make that end up causing their company to fail. Ben has been involved with several non-profits and programs such as MassChallenge, MicroMentor, Venture for America, the State of New York’s Empire State Development Startup NY program, and several others.

Alex Brufsky | Board of Directors Secretary

Alex is an entrepreneur and full stack engineer by trade with 7 startups under his belt in the capacity of a founder, executive, investor, and mentor. He filed and received his first patent at the age of 12 (USPTO 9828141) and has an interest in product design, natural science, corporate structure, robotics, blockchain technology, emerging technology, and nanotechnology.  In addition, Alex has a deep passion for education, mentoring several startups and young students turn their passions into their livelihood. He is currently enrolled at the University of Michigan College of Engineering.

Shaan Patel | Board of Directors Treasurer

Shaan is an entrepreneur who has a deep passion for education.  He has been involved in various non-profits and boards in the Silicon Valley area. Along with  4 other leadership board members, and 25 other board members Shaan led the E3 Youth Philanthropy Board, located in Los Altos, California.  Giving away over $10,000 in grant scholarships to various non-profits throughout the Silicon Valley area.  In addition, Shaan is a voting member of the Mountain View Youth Advisory Committee, a group of students who put on educational and social well being events throughout Mountain View, California. Lastly, Shaan is the Global Student Ambassador of the non-profit Globetops, an organization which donates laptops to people all over the world in need. These laptops are then used to help recipients enhance both their professional and entrepreneurial careers.

Hunter Hancock | Director

Hunter is a developer, designer, and entrepreneur currently studying computer science at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is involved with many startups in various roles, from running ventures of his own to helping mentor other young entrepreneurs. Outside of his work Hunter is interested in soccer, hip-hop, and astronomy.

Jasper Katzban | Director

Jasper is an entrepreneur, mentor, and aspiring engineer with experience in tech startups, product development, and entrepreneurship education. Having taught at his high school and a prestigious entrepreneurship program at MIT, he strives to share his experience with young entrepreneurs and coach them throughout the process of starting a successful business. Jasper’s interests include emerging technologies, product development, small business structure, scientific research, and the outdoors. He will be attending Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering in the Fall of 2019.

Ryan Samadi | Director

Ryan Samadi is a passionate entrepreneur whose interest in education has defined the entirety of his life. As head of two educational nonprofits, and a proud member of the Bamboo Ladder team, he works on a daily basis to impact his respective community. Some of his projects include Spreading Financial Awareness, a nonprofit organization that serves to educate young students about financial basics, which now has 43 trustees and 6 chapters within the greater Los Angeles area, as well as the Hello World organization, which educates elementary school students on the basics of computer programming, and hosts hackathons for its members. It is through the impact of these projects that he hopes to develop the nation’s passion in STEM fields.