Bamboo Ladder is seeking applications for the 2019-2020 year of companies seeking grant funding and mentoring.  

We have seen countless great teams with amazing ideas fail, due to a lack of experience in the business world. We seek to help young entrepreneurs by providing them with the guidance they need to get their startup off the ground correctly– before it is too late.

We are looking for hungry 16-24-year-old student entrepreneurs who are working towards creating their own startup company. We believe that the team behind a company is what truly separates a good company from a great one, so regardless of the stage your company is in, you may apply.

The funding amount is done via a case by case basis, so not everyone will receive the same amount of funding as others.

In addition to grant funding, we will also provide a mentorship program for all teams accepted to receive grant funding.  We match teams up with mentors who have relevant experience in whatever field the teams are looking to disrupt.

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